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The doors of wisdom are never shut.

-Benjamin Franklin

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The brightest children

We think all of our students are exceptionally bright and their spirit is contagious!

"Fun is good" -Dr. Seuss

We find countless ways to make ordinary days a celebration at Brighton. Students show their team spirit!

Love to learn!

Our curriculum is vibrantly enriched: Kindergarteners participate in the annual Q-U wedding festivities.

New discoveries with friends

We plan a great variety of field trips and events throughout the school year. Students visited Carlton Dairy in October.

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Where the journey begins
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About Us

Our purpose

We want to give your child the best possible foundation to start their life long journey in education. Our objectives in working with your child are to...

  • Provide a safe, happy, learning environment.
  • Encourage children to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially.
  • Accept each child at his developmental stage and facilitate his continuing growth.
  • Support families in the important task of teaching children.

Why choose Brighton?

The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) states that children who attend high-quality programs:

  • demonstrate greater social skills as preschoolers
  • typically have higher self-esteem and value achievement more than children who do not attend developmentally appropriate preschool
  • receive higher scores on tests of thinking ability and language development
  • excel in mastery of pre-reading, reading and math skills
  • are better prepared for school
  • show greater motivation for learning and commitment to schooling


    Brighton Private School Teachers

    personel bio picStacy Haynes, SLP, EdS (Director/Kindergarten)

    personel bio picMelissa Sefers (4th/5th Grade)

    personel bio picDeborah Ragsdale (Middle School Math)

    personel bio picHeather Housholder (Middle School / Spanish)

    personel bio picGina Lewis (3rd Grade)

    personel bio picJennifer Essen (2nd Grade)

    personel bio picKayla Duncan (1st Grade / Afterschool)

    personel bio picBridgette Plakaris (Kindergarten)

    personel bio picVanessa Anderson (PreK 4/ Afterschool Director/School Director)

    personel bio picRhonda Lancaster (2 Year Olds)

    personel bio picMs Jenna (Specials Director)

    personel bio picKayla Laukka (Substitute)

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